Do I need to have Slack admin access at my company to install Allma?

Depending on your company's admin settings, you may need to be a Slack admin be able to install Slack app. If this is the case, you will need to have an admin level team member install Allma to your Slack workspace or be granted admin level permissions.

Where can I update and configure our settings?

Once you have installed Allma, you will have access to Allma web app to access your settings at any point. You can always view or change any settings later by logging into our Webapp or in Allma app home.

How do I access Allma web app?

You can access the web app at https://app.allma.io/.

Which integrations do you support?

Today we support Slack (with our Slack-native app) and PagerDuty. We'll soon be shipping OpsGenie, Jira, Zoom, and additional integrations... You can enable integrations in our install flow and at any time afterwards in our webapp.

How does Allma keep my data secure?

Allma, while an early start-up, understands and practices the importance of both security and reliability as two core pillars of building an effective and trustworthy software product for other companies. Our early team is composed of senior engineers who have a past of working in highly regulated and security-sensitive environments. We've leveraged our experience to develop our philosophy, which is simply to not compromise on security for sake of the product, speed, or any other ephemeral short-term gain. To view our security specifications, see here.